Weight Loss

Weight loss through non-invasive pain free laser lipo helps to remove inches with minimal effort. We use visible light lasers to perforate the fat cells and allow fat and toxins to drain from the area without damaging the skin or the cells. This procedure provides a comfortable, smooth finish to the skin and area without scarring, tracks from loss fat and without damaging the fat cells.

Your body has about the same number of fat cells from birth through life. If you freeze, vacuum out or otherwise damage those cells, you damage your body. You gain or lose weight when the cells grow or shrink. The brief laser perforation of the cells is a start to targeted weight loss to help the body drain fat and reduce the size of the fat cells.

Here is the science using illumiWave635 line collimated laser diodes on male and female patients

The duration for each treatment was 20 minutes. The illumiWave 635nm was placed over the patient’s abdomen area, 3 inches from the skin, and both the patient and the laser were kept stationary for the entire duration. After each session, the patient underwent vibration therapy for 10 minutes. Patients reported the maintenance of a healthy diet including exercise under a regiment of 45 minutes, 3 times per week in conjunction with the laser treatments. Measurements were taken circumferentially on each patient as documented below.

lipo contour trials

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