I love their weight loss wraps. I went to one of the wrap parties and thought it was the best thing. I also like to be pampered so I have the girls apply them for me rather than do the at home option. It is one of the more affordable wraps I have had but what abang for the buck
- Mark and Milli
A Confident You, LLC in Downtown, Tampa is different. This is not a normal feel good spa but a place built on results. I thought I was going out for a simple facial treatment but they use major equipment and I am excited at the results. they did half my face and had me look in the mirror so I could see the differnce. It was a real eye opener about what they could do. I highly recommend their skin treatments. I will update in a few weeks if they improve or fade away.
- Jordan F.
This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The results of just one treatment were fabulous and I can not wait to go back! The staff is very friendly and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.
- Maggie M.
I started their hair restoration process recently. I use a laser a for a few 20 minute sessionsduring breaks from work and some hair products at home (this was extra but worth it) My hair already feels thicker and I am loving it. They took some before picture and will take some at different times during the treatment. I will see if I can post them as I move on. This was not cheap but so far it is painless, easy and I feel like it is helping. My wife keeps running her fingers in my hair -- this could be really good.
- Gary
I am on my 3rd of 6 of skin tightening/ cellulite reduction treatments on my waistline at A Confident You, on Kennedy in Tampa...the results already are visible.. more definition of my waistline and smoother skin & no side effects!! 30 minute appointments~!! Laura and the staff are awesome :)
- Karen H., Tampa, FL
I am on my 3rd of 6 treatments of cellulite reduction/skin contouring at A confident you on my waistline.. I work out almost daily but this was a problem area after having 2 children...I already see a visible definition to this area and smoother, tighter skin- 30 minute appointments, and no side effects or pain during treatment. Thank you Laura :) I highly recommend you guys!!
- Karen Fox Hilton
After giving birth to my beautiful ten pound daughter I was left with a lot of extra weight to drop. I lost over 80 lbs through diet and exercise but my skin was never the same as it was before the pregnancy and weight gain. I was left with the choice of live with it or get it removed. The second choice had significant monetary and recovery time that went along with it. Neither option seemed good to me so I found a clinic here in Tampa that offered me hope. At ‘A Confident You’ the Reaction machine delivers the only FDA approved treatment to help my skin restore elasticity and regain some of the structure it used to have before. I am happy to say that I am only three treatments in and I am already seeing results. My skin feels and looks tighter. My stretch marks have diminished and I have seen a decrease in cellulite also. I am confident that this is just the beginning to my body rejuvenation and I know that after the full treatments are complete my skin will certainly be better than it was. I would recommend this form of treatment to anyone with unwanted loose skin, significant stretch marks or cellulite they want to get rid of.
- Kimberley Pierre