Skin Tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body

Skin Tightening

A confident You, LLC, Tampa Med Spa, uses rf technology to gently and safely reduce wrinkles, crows feet, turkey nexk and other area of excess skin ont he face, neck and body. Our technology can work in small sensitive areas of the face or in larger area around the waist with significant and long lasting results.


Skin tightening face

Age: 52
Treated for: Lax, sagging skin around cheeks & folds at lower eyes.

Protocol: 1 treatment at 3 week intervals, each session 25 minutes.

Treatment results: Post 2 treatment sessions.

Crows feet and wrinkly reduction around the eyes

Age: 55
Treated for: Wrinkles and pigmentation at corner of eyes. Protocol: 2 treatments at 2 week intervals, each session 15 minutes.

Treatment results: Post 4 treatments reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes is visible. Collagen strengthened for visibly tighter skin.

Here is the Science:

Fibroblasts are the major cells in the dermis which produce collagen and elastin fibers. The thickness of the dermis varies from person to person and is affected by age, exposure to sun, cigarette smoke and environmental pollution. First signs of skin aging include uneven skin tone and texture, wrinkles and folds around the eyes and mouth, and stretch marks on various areas of the body.

Reaction™’s Skin Tightening procedure utilizes RF energy to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretion, and improve skin’s elasticity over time. From the very first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted, giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance.

The procedure is suitable for most areas of the face including the jowls, cheeks and forehead as well the sensitive areas of the eyes, neck and decollete. And now, unlike any other system, Reaction™’s skin tightening treatments can also treat stretch marks and lax skin on various areas of the body such as the tummy, underarm, calves and hips.

The Reaction™ system combines CORE™ technology with vacuum therapy to initiate three different processes: deep tissue heating, mechanical stretch and mechanical massage.

CORE™ technology deploys heat using multiple Radio Frequencies (RF) in three different treatment modes that target different tissue depths, from superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis. The fourth mode – multi-channel mode – creates a stronger, more accurately distributed thermal response that travels through all skin layers.

Along with the benefits of an effective cellulite treatment, the deep heating of subcutaneous tissue initiates a mechanical stretch in the skin that induces the production of collagen, stimulates fibroblasts to enhance collagen secretion and enhances improves the elasticity of the septae, resulting in a significant side benefit of skin tightening!

The addition of Vacuum Therapy further intensifies the treatment by facilitating deeper tissue penetration to increase local blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and induce lipolysis.

The result is a minimized appearance of lumpy skin, improved skin texture and a reduction in circumference reduction.

Skin Tightening

The Skin Tightening treatment applies bi-polar RF energy to heat the dermis thereby strengthening tissue fibers and dermal collagen to improve skin laxity, sagginess and texture.

Using proprietary CORE™ technology and an integrated skin cooling mechanism, the applied RF energy stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis to improve the skin’s elasticity, enhance collagen secretion and induce the production of pro-collagen for long-term effects.

After the first treatment, you’ll immediately notice smoother contours and an overall improvement in skin texture and laxity.