Scar Reduction

Scar Reduction is about returning life to dead tissue. We typically start with a diamond tip microdermabrasion of the scar area to help smooth the skin. We then use the Viora Reaction to apply a light amount of Radio Frequency treatment to the lightest level of the skin. The RF treatment will help the skin to produce collagen and to return it to a healthy state. The healthy skin will repair itself and reduce the scar. Typically this requires multiple treatments because we are often attempting to return life to otherwise dead skin tissue.

There are numerous types of scars and not all can be treated in this fasion. Each treatment is custom crafted to your specific needs to optimize the results and to restore the confidence in you.

The improvement is visible after the first treatment and it builds with subsequent treatments. We've used [Viora] with many patients and can report an 85% satisfaction rate. The procedure isn't that expensive and it produces results. You can decrease fat, tighten skin, improve cellulite and decrease existing scars. - Dr. Daniel Man

Since I started working with Viora my client base has increased and the clinic is now open and busy 12 hours a day, due to customer demand. My clients are thrilled with the results and so am I. The use of Viora's systems have provided me with many opportunities and the ability to combine different techniques has increased my knowledge, leading to greater customer satisfaction. - Dr. Marina Vashkevich