About Us

A Confident You, LLC is a spa in Downtown Tampa, built on a mission of providing results for our clients. Our first goal is to make this a result oriented experience. We have focused on the latest in non-invasive medical technology to provide state of the art:

Skin Contouring and Tightening:

Including reducing Scars, Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Stretch Marks. We compliment this area with skin products, microdermabrasion and traditional spa treatments such as body wraps and facials.

Weight Loss:

including targeted laser lipo, weight loss wraps for specific areas or whole body, fat burner and general healthy diet products, and weight loss management programs.

Hair Restoration:

including use of the Illumiwave true laser hair restoration system, the most powerful laser of its kind in Tampa Bay, hair products and dietary supplement.

We focus on results first so you can enjoy and re-live your experience every time you look in a mirror. We have researched the latest in anti-aging and body rejuvenation science so you can be A Confident You.